Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm on Fire!

I'm not sure when I came to the conclusion that DIYing practically my whole freaking wedding was a good idea but I am curious as to why those who knew this was going on have yet to physically come to my house to restrain me and stage a Marthavention????
I think, with just shy of 4 months to go that I have really lost my damn marbles. 
While I've never been what one might describe as a simple person and have never been one to shy away from decorating projects (ask my roommate and friends who helped hang 100+ snowflakes from my apartment ceiling for a Christmas party a few years back), this time, I may have gone more than a little apeshit. I found out very quickly just how easy it is to do....
I'm on fire, people and I'm just getting started! I have ideas coming to me at all hours of the day and my frightening obsession searching the internet regarding all things bridal only helps to fuel the DIY flame....
Who the hell is this lunatic I've become? And can I get my own show on the WE channel?
The list of projects I have committed to seems to grow each day with the lure of saving money and adding that "personal touch" which, at the end of day, we know is total bullshit because let's face it:
#1) it really doesn't end up saving me all that much and 
#2) Do people even give a rats ass about "personalization" at a wedding as long as you supply them with a limitless supply of top shelf booze?
Uh - Hells no.
However, I shall not be deterred! So far my list of DIY projects includes (but is not limited to):
Pomander balls for the ceremony (oh so time consuming)
Pom Poms 
Table #'s
All other decorations (of which there are many)
Escort Cards
Invitations & Reply Cards
Bathroom Baskets
Have I missed anything?
Oh - that's right - we're writing our own vows too.....
Sweet Jesus & Mary, have I gone mad?
After the wedding, I may be inclined to launch my own website called DDIY....DON'T Do It Yourself....Unless You're A Freaking Sadist. Or You Have A Shit Ton of Free Time On Your Hands And A Big Ass Glue Gun. Oh, And An Endless Cash Flow.
I, have none of those things, so I guess that just makes me a freaking sadist.
My biggest issue right now is that my summer class is rather intense and somewhat time consuming (then again, so is blogging - duh! Well, minus the intense part...). I suppose this is where my time management skills should kick in, if I had any.....which I don't.
Last night I had what I would by all definitions call a nightmare, where my wedding decorations that I had painstakingly planned out got taken over by my florist who proceeded to make the reception venue look something akin to a Red Hat Society function. In my nightmare, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, especially when I saw the red satin table cloths and red beaded flowers at each table setting, along with purple lace "accents" and worst of all - my manzanita branches were nowhere to be found.....The Horror!
I'm not surprised I had this awful dream , as I have been paranoid about my florist from the get go. I think he has essentially ignored all of my ideas but has more or less pushed his preferences on me....I'm not good at dealing with pushy people and he's one of them. I don't think he's really into the DIY bride and despite the flowers not being the central part of the decorations, I still want the bouquets and everything  that is floral to be pretty.....and of course coordinated with the color scheme (which may have changed a few times over the course of the planning - sue me).
I have been avoiding e-mailing him about the fact that the flowers we had agreed on (which were primarily gem tones and did have some purple and red elements - YIKES!!!!) are now no longer appropriate since I found non-solid linens (stripes = more "beachy" feel) so I am yet AGAIN changing my mind about what I want.
I know this guy is probably going to tell my Bridezilla ass I am shit out of luck, but I am secretly hoping that's not the case and it's not too late to change the floral color scheme....
I haven't really signed anything yet but have given him a $500.00 retainer.....
Guess I should probably let him know my plans sooner rather than later. The sooner I do it, the less nightmares I'll have and frankly, I can't take another doozie like I had last night.
Ending this post on a high note, I am 1 pound away from reaching the 200 lb mark! I was 201 this AM, and hoping by the weekend, I can get below 200.....
That means no Slim-A-Bear Klondikes and (even more sadly) no mojitos......
But with the official onset of summer just a few days away, I am more than willing to make the sacrifice!

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